🤝 Job Openings

Don’t see the perfect role for you? We’re always looking for exceptional people, no matter their specific domain of expertise. If that’s you, say 👋 to us at [email protected].


🚀 Our Mission

Celebrate every human’s achievements and empower them to accomplish more.

We’re building technology that helps people take control of their own lives: at work, school, and in play. Whether it’s about earning a new skill credential, winning a competition, or simply being a reliable teammate, it’s now possible to take every incredible moment with you no matter where you go.

Our product, MintKudos, enables individuals to turn hard-earned life achievements into previously unimaginable opportunities.

✨ Our Vibes

💝 We prioritize building lovable product experiences.

Web3 products have the potential to change the world. But the focus today is all about creating the most economically sound incentivize structure in the form of a protocol. Pursuing the perfect system, the space has accidentally omitted the most important thing in an ecosystem - the human.

We decided to take a different path.

Aligned with our mission to celebrate & empower the human, we prioritize delivering delightful experiences to eliminate the barrier to product adoption while building with strong technical foundation. We’ve consistently heard from our users that the product experiences we’ve created are among the most intuitive flows they’ve seen across web3. You can see this in the details of our product — from the blockchain we chose to build on first to the confetti we add, every product decision is rooted with delight at its core.

😄 We love what we do, and we get things done with joy.

Everyone on our team are experts in their own craft. Whether in design, engineering, or product, we get excited by abstracting technical limitations and bringing novel, intuitive concepts to life. We treat challenges with a playful attitude and celebrate wins as a community.

🗣️ We embrace curiosity and creative discourse.

Nobody on the team shies away from seemingly basic, fundamental questions that challenge the status quo definitions of constructs and processes. We’re explorers of a new land that encompasses the social usage of crypto. We craft solutions via a mix of first-principles thinking, coupled with diverse perspectives.

P.S. We recently did a team offsite in NY! Check out our teammate’s journal entry here.

💎 Our value prop to you

🎊 Competitive salary & generous equity

We give out company equity and salaries that are above industry standards. Our builders are a critical part of our team, and we strive to reflect this through ownership and pay. 💰

🏥 Premium health benefits

We provide top-of-the-line medical, vision, and dental insurance. 💊

🕺Fun paid team conferences, co-working months, and off-sites

We believe that creative energy flows with in-person serendipity. Thus, we’re making a commitment to ensure frequent paid team off-sites so that we can maximize the magic from the serendipity that comes from being in-person! Check out an offsite journal entry from our teammate. 🪄

🤝 Encouragement to DAO

Many companies offer 20% time to employees to pursue their passion projects. At Contribution labs, we want everyone fully experience the future of work and encourage our teammates to participate in a DAO or web3 community that they’re passionate about. We bring back learnings in order to make sure we’re always on track to building the right product. ✨