Create the survey of your dreams with powerful question types. With DeForm, you can ask traditional survey questions as well as identity verification questions. Read on to learn how.

⚙️ Part 1: Setting up your form

Once you’re logged in, head over to to start creating a DeForm:


You can modify the title and description of your form:


<aside> ✨ Pro tip: To make the form description more engaging, you can bold text via command + B, italicize text via command + i, add links to text, create bulleted items via shift + 8 + space and create numbered lists.


You can also customize the form’s logo and background color to reflect your brand. Refer to Adding your own branding for more information.

✏️ Part 2: Adding questions

DeForm allows you to build forms and surveys using identity questions and classic survey questions. For every question, you can make customizations to the following:

Click on the “+” button to get started: